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My name is Michelle Carter, and I have been a Stampin’ Up demonstrator since 2010. I live in Longwood, FL with my husband Ben. I was introduced to Stampin’ Up by my mother-in-law who invited me to attend a workshop with her. After a few workshops, I was hooked on the variety and quality of products. I currently have workshops at my house every month in addition to tutorial videos on YouTube. I also sell my card creations on etsy and the occasional craft fair. I would love to meet you and share some fun projects. Even if you aren’t local and can’t make any of my workshops, please let me know how you like my site.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me, feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think about my blog.


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  1. Lynn Kenyon says:

    Hi Michelle
    My name is Lynn and I’m from Syracuse, NY. I’m in Lake Mary,Fl for the winter. I’m looking for a place that has card making classes. I belong to a stampin up group back home. Is this something you offer?

  2. Claire Horvath says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I live in Altamonte Springs and just saw that you live in Longwood, FL. I also saw your video on the Lighthouse Light-up card and I am interested to know if you will have another class on this as the date you show for the class has already passed. Please advise. My email address is below. If you are not having a class, then I would like to know if you have one of those cards for sale.

  3. April Sims says:

    Michelle, I am in the process of making “Thank You” cards for my grandson’s teachers, for the beginning of the school year. I made some for his teachers for the end of school and hey loved them, so my grandson wanted me to do some again. Your “Pokemon” characters would be perfect. I can’t find where I purchase the videos on how to make them. If you would provide any information on how I could purchase them let me know. Thank you for your assistance and I just love your creations.

    • Michelle says:

      Hello April, I did the Pokémon tutorials last year at the height of the Pokémon Go craze and was surprised to discover they did not sell well, so I had removed them from my website. You are the second person to reach out to me regarding them recently so I guess I may try adding them back up again. I will let you know that the mini characters were created using the now retired SU owl punch.

  4. Lorree says:

    Michelle – I came across your Moana card and have fallen in love! I’ve now watched a few of your videos and I’m entranced by the light-up cards in particular. I am curious how – or if – you mail these cards since anytime I take something to the post office I have to sign a disclaimer and avow that there are no lithium batteries included. I intend to make some cards for myself, but I’d also love to include in a workshop, too. I’d just like to be able to tell my customers whether they can put them in the mail or if they are hand-carry only. Now off to Amazon to fill up my cart with itty-bitty lights! LOL!

    • Michelle says:

      Hello Lorree, I’m so glad you are enjoying my projects. To answer your question, yes you can mail them I recommend a bubblemailer and having them handsorted instead of run through the mailing machines. Depending on your design I always worry that the machines may harm the electronics. Keep in mind similar light-up cards already exist on the market and are mailed all the time. The mail disclaimer also mentions fragile so it’s not that they won’t let you mail them if you say yes. Personally I prefer to hand deliver them to enjoy the reactions of the recipient first hand and point out where to press. You might also enjoy signing up for my light-up club for club only exclusives and early tutorials.

  5. JoAnn Porter says:

    Hello Michelle
    I was just watching a video that was sent around the 1st of October and I have never seen a light up card before and was wondering if you have by mail classes or video tutorials on them. I would love to try making one and even set up a class or workshop on how to make them. Would you ever consider sending out instructions or sell the instructions? I red the comment above and you mention a light up club is that for just people that can attend in person or long distance? I live in WA state and would love to make and or share this with my customers. Thank You JoAnn – JodyCooks@hotmail.com or CraftyJoAnn@gmail.com

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